Covid-19 and your event at Murray Edwards College – what are we doing to keep you safe?

Our recommendations to event organisers are centred around the pillars of “hands, face, space, ventilation”.

As we move forward and learn to live with Covid-19, we are working closely with our clients to understand their concerns. Each event is different and we are confident that a bespoke approach will be mutually beneficial to both sides.

The following standard practises relevant to the Event Organiser and attendees are communicated by the Events team to the Event Organiser during the booking process, particularly at the point of enquiry, point of booking, at site visits and on the day of arrival.

While we encourage the following practices, we also acknowledge they are no longer mandatory.

  • Washing hands thoroughly and using hand sanitiser stations, available at various points on the customer journey.
  • Using facemasks when in close extended proximity to others.
  • Reducing room capacities to enable a level of distancing in our meeting rooms, public areas and catering spaces.
  • Ventilating event spaces and corridors as much as possible, using active ventilation (windows open) and passive ventilation (air handling systems).
  • During winter events we encourage all visitors to dress warmly. We will work with the event organiser to find suitable times to ventilate rooms and/or use a CO2 monitor to inform the necessity of this. While we do not want anybody to be uncomfortable, we do acknowledge how important ventilation is in reducing the spread of Covid-19.
  • Not attending the College if feeling unwell with symptoms of Covid-19.
  • Including a section on Covid- 19 in event organisers risk assessments and our own.
  • Reminding about good practice through posters and digital signage around the site and in toilets.
  • Remaining mindful of routes around College and peak times for pedestrian traffic. Planning alternative routes with Event Organisers where necessary. Staggered arrivals and departures are encouraged.
  • Making sanitiser and disinfectant spray with paper towels available in all meeting rooms.
  • Disinfecting high contact points during event breaks and generally around the site throughout each day.
  • Taking all bookings through the Events Office so we have a clear view of day-to-day activity in College and can plan accordingly. All events must adhere to our Terms and Conditions which include a Covid clause and cancellation policy.
  • Displaying a Visitor’s QR code at the entrance to all buildings on site.
  • Changing filters in air handling and air conditioning units regularly.
  • Managers are checking schedules and work to ensure it is being carried out.
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