AIM Accreditation

At Murray Edwards College Events we’re proud that our offices meet the AIM Accreditation – but what is it and what does it mean for you?

AIM Accreditation is an industry-wide mark of excellence focussing on offices, venues and service providers.
It basically guarantees a certain level of quality, that the venue is fit for purpose and that the companies that run these venues and services are decent and ethical organisations.

The benchmark

The accreditation works on an industry-wide benchmarking system. Venues or suppliers of venues are assessed by the Meetings Industry Association (mia) against a set of quality standards.

These have been agreed by mia and endorsed by the Hotel Booking Agents’ Association (HBAA).

The review looks at:

• Facilities (venues only)
• Legal compliance
• Performance against a strict code of conduct

Please contact us for more information about the AIM Accreditation