Accessibility Statement

We look forward to welcoming you to Murray Edwards College.

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors. If you will require assistance in the event of an emergency, please complete and return at PEEP form, which you can download by clicking the orange button at the bottom of this page. Further information from the UK government on PEEP forms is available here.


Murray Edwards College is part of the University of Cambridge and is a modern, bright College with unique architecture located 10 minutes’ walk from Cambridge city centre. The College has pretty, informal gardens and the largest collection of women’s art in Europe. Murray Edwards is located on Huntingdon Road, at the top of a street called Castle Hill, which has a modest gradient.

Our location just outside the city centre allows for a tranquil environment that is less than a 10 minute stroll from historic Quayside, where bars, restaurants, boutique shops and punting can be found.

We have 159 en suite bedrooms available for conferences, dining and bed and breakfast guests and 9 of these bedrooms are suitable for disabled visitors. Those not on the ground floor can be accessed via a lift. The en suite bathrooms have shower seats and hand rails. 3 rooms have emergency pull cords connected with our Porters Lodge, which is staffed 24/7. The main college thoroughfares and access to the Dome, where lunch and dinner are served, are equipped with motorised doors.




  • If you are attending a conference, please notify your event organiser and download a Personal Emergency Evacuation Form (PEEP) via the orange button above, so that we can prepare properly for your arrival.
  • For full details, maps and written directions on how to find us, please see our How to Find Us page.
  • The nearest railway station is Cambridge Station and we would recommend getting a taxi from there, which should cost around £6-7.00.
  • The nearest bus stop is just outside the College and a number of buses including the Citi 5 & 6 go from the Bus Station to that stop.
  • Streets around the College are paved.
  • Local services for disabled people can be found on the Disability Cambridgeshire website.

Car Parking and Arrival

  • Upon arrival at the College, please come to the main entrance Porters’ Lodge which has vehicle access and a generous dropping-off space, located on Buckingham Road which is off Huntingdon Road. Wheelchair access is available from the dropping-off point to the Porters’ Lodge.
  • If you are coming by car, parking for up to 70 guests is available in our car park located on Storey’s Way. The route from the car park to the Porters’ Lodge is paved in generally smooth stone, concrete or tiling. At one point there is a slight incline to the main College building.
  • Alternatively, it is possible to be dropped off in front of the Porters’ Lodge, as described above.
  • It can be difficult for our Porters to help with luggage, as sometimes there is only one of them in the Porters’ Lodge. Please let us know prior to your arrival if you will need assistance and we will do our best to arrange that.

Main Entrance / Reception / Welcome Area

  • The Porters’ Lodge is situated just above ground level (with the previously described wheelchair access available).
  • You will immediately be in the Lodge once you come through the doors and this is a wide, clear space.
  • There are normally visitors’ chairs in this area.
  • The floor is flat stone and the area is well-lit.


  • We have 9 en suite bedrooms that are suitable for disabled guests.
  • A typical disabled bedroom is larger than our usual rooms, suitable for wheelchair maneuverability. The bathrooms have hand rails and shower seats. We have 3 rooms have emergency pull cords in the bathroom and bedroom, connected to the Porters’ Lodge.
  • These are all single rooms however, if you require an additional bed for an assistant, please let us know and we will try to accommodate that. Alternatively we will provide a connecting room or room next door.

Bathrooms, Shower-rooms and Toilets (En suite or Shared) 

  • Bathrooms in disabled rooms are larger than normal and include hand rails. 3 bathrooms have emergency pull cords, connected to the Porters’ Lodge.
  • There is level access to all bathrooms from the bedroom.
  • The shower is level. There are no baths.
  • If you need to know where specific grab rails are, it will depend which room you are allocated. Please get in touch and we will advise what is available.
  • Colour schemes depend on what room you are allocated. Again, please get in touch if you need to know prior to allocation.

Public Areas – Halls, Stairs, Landings, Corridors 

  • All public areas are well lit.

Public Areas – Lounges, Lobbies 

  • There are no lounge areas other than the bar. Information in next section.

Restaurant/Dining Room, Bar & Bar area 

  • The Dome dining hall is where breakfast is served and there is lift access to this room in one of the four staircases, which is on the first floor. It is a very large room with clear access to the servery and between tables. Our catering staff will be happy to provide any assistance that is necessary.
  • We have a number of dining rooms for dinners, if you are attending a conference. Dinner is not usually available to B&B guests.
  • Doors to the Dome open automatically once the sensor is triggered.
  • The bar is situated on the lower ground level, so use of the lift is required to access this.
  • There are couches and low tables available in the bar.
  • Both rooms are well lit with overhead lights.
  • Floor surfaces are wood and smooth.
  • The TV in the bar is a normal TV and sub-titles can be accessed using the remote control.
  • Unless you are with an event, the bar is not open for drinks however, there are food and soft-drink vending machines.
  • Accessible toilets are available on lower ground and ground level. There are no toilets on the first floor (Dome).
  • We have a variety of chairs at Murray Edwards, please contact us for more information.
  • All of our catering spaces are well lit.
  • Most dietary requirements, including Kosher and Halal, can be accommodated providing we are advised in advance. Provision of these meals may incur an additional charge.
  • At breakfast, a variety of breakfast foods are available including meat and vegetarian items, alongside yoghurt and pastries. Soya milk is available and gluten free options can be provided if we are advised in advance.
  • Breakfast is self-service. Other meals are dependent on what has been booked by your event organiser.

Public Toilets

  • Public toilets are located throughout the College, most often alongside an accessible toilet.

Grounds and Gardens 

  • Our beautiful informal gardens are available to all our guests and the majority can be accessed by wheelchair users by flat, generally smooth paths (there is some unevenness in certain areas).

Conference and Meeting Rooms 

  • We have 19 meeting rooms at Murray Edwards. All of which, except for the Music and Video Rooms, are wheelchair accessible.
  • If you need very specific information, such as the width of the doors, please let us know.
  • All of our meeting rooms are well lit.
  • Hearing loops are available in some of our meeting rooms.
  • Furniture arrangement will depend on the request of your event organiser.
  • There are toilets and wheelchair access toilets available near all of our meeting rooms.

Future Plans

  • We are committed to making improvements to our site for all our visitors. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we would love to hear from you so please do get in touch.

Contact Information

Local Carers:     To find your local carers centre, please visit this website

Local Equipment Hire:     For mobility aids, please visit

Local Accessible Taxi:     Panther – 01223 715715 A1 Taxis – 01223 313131

Local Public Transport:     Please visit