CU School of Clinical Medicine

Client Feedback

“Many of our delegates commented on how nice the venue was. It’s different from many of the other Colleges and is light and airy with a modern look and tranquil feel.

“Having all the IT set up prior to our arrival was really beneficial as it meant that I didn’t have to spend time setting up laptops and projectors and could concentrate on greeting the attendees. Any small IT issues were resolved quickly by the AV team which meant that there weren’t too many delays and we could stick to timings.

“Communication was excellent prior to the event and on the day all the staff were very helpful and really accommodating with last minute requests. There was some confusion over getting hold of a member of the Murray Edwards team during the event but we have been reassured that this issue has now been resolved.

Client Brief

Megan Brown, Professionalism Course Administrator at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine said: “We aim to have the event in a central location in Cambridge that is easy to access. On-site parking is really important as people are travelling from various places across the region. We also like to use an academic venue as we are part of the University of Cambridge and it is nice to visit different Colleges. We tend to look for a venue that has one main hall or auditorium, together with large rooms that can be used as break-out areas for the workshops.

“Murray Edwards College perfectly suited our needs – there was plenty of parking available and big spacious rooms for our workshops.


Professional Practice Groups (PPGs) form part of the Professional Skills Curriculum at the University Of Cambridge School Of Clinical Medicine. There’s a large pool of facilitators who are senior clinicians and hold a PPG Facilitator Away Day annually, for both new and existing facilitators. This was the fifth event of its kind with workshops, speakers and course updates, attended by 50-60 people.

The School of Clinical Medicine used the Kaetsu Conference Centre for this event.

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