Self-Contained Conference Centre Offers Ideal Space For One-Day Showcase



NanoDTC at Cambridge University is a centre for PhD students, offering a programme in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. Each year an annual Nano Showcase is held, usually attended by approximately 80 people from all over the University but the last event in 2019 attracted around 120 attendees.

The day comprised talks in the morning and afternoon, lunch and a poster session, concluding with a drinks reception and canapés.



Kimberly Cole who organised the Showcase in 2019 at Murray Edwards College said: “One of the key factors in choosing a venue is the availability of facilities to suit the day’s programme. We need a theatre which can hold 80+ people, an area where food can be served and a suitable space for the poster exhibition. It also has to be close to town and transport links as we have many people travelling to attend.

Buckingham House at Murray Edwards offered all the spaces we needed, enabling the different elements of the event to be self-contained in one place. The auditorium, seminar rooms and foyer meant we could transition from one space to another very easily as it is so well laid out.



“All the arrangements went very smoothly thanks to the Murray Edwards team. Everyone was so friendly and professional and paid great attention to detail so it all worked well on the day.

“I also thought the catering was excellent. I have a food allergy and don’t usually like salads but that is what the chef made because of my cow’s milk and soya allergy and it was amazing! I didn’t feel as though I was missing out.

“All in all, we really enjoyed our day at the College and the event was a great success.”


Date of event:

22nd November 2019


Type of event:

One-day conference


Group size:



Facilities used:

Buckingham House (Auditorium, Seminar Room and Foyer)