Case Study: Lyme Disease Action

Client Feedback

“Murray Edwards met our requirements very well. In general, Cambridge is an expensive location, but Murray Edwards was more cost-effective than some of the more central colleges. The venue staff were very helpful, answered emails promptly and were happy to run through the day before. Their flexibility was also very important for us – we know we will always have some delegates who will book late and although we appreciate that the venue needs to know numbers, it is very helpful when we are not pressed to commit too early.

“Throughout the staff were attentive. Last minute requests were met cheerfully (for poster boards and for a drinks reception) and in Buckingham House, our request to do some setting up the night before was accommodated and we were given space to offload our kit in advance. This saved a lot of time in the morning and was very helpful.”

Client Brief

Stella Huyshe from LDA who organised the event said: “We try to move round the country to give most people the chance to attend and Cambridge was selected for the last two years as it is easy for those from East Anglia and the East Midlands. As we always provide a scientific conference, a university venue is good. Student accommodation with a mix of standard and en-suite is also very suitable as some people have limited budgets. Cost is definitely a consideration.

“The purpose-designed facilities in Buckingham House with the auditorium and foyer combined was great for the conference day as everything was in one place. The garden setting for accommodation provided a relaxing backdrop.


Lyme Disease Action is a UK-registered charity striving for the prevention and treatment of Lyme disease and associated tick-borne diseases. It holds an annual conference which for the last two years has been at Murray Edwards College. The format is an evening dinner at which delegates can socialise, followed by a full-day conference. Between 70-100 delegates attend, the majority of them patients interested in Lyme Disease, together with 5-10% doctors or academics, with speakers invited from the UK and abroad.