College Provides Venue With A Difference For Networking Dinner


Dinners for Business (‘D4B’) was founded over 20 years ago as a networking group for senior professionals working in Cambridge. The current membership of 44 comprises senior partners (or equivalent) from accounting firms, solicitors, surveyors, banks, wealth managers, engineering consultants, recruitment specialists and IFAs.

The group meets every other month for networking dinner, typically in one of the city centre Cambridge Colleges. Dinners are informal with no speeches and no seating plan. The idea is for people to network and to get to know each other well, sharing the common interest of serving the business community in Cambridge.


Andy Swarbrick who organises the events said: “Our main criteria for choosing a venue is location – central Cambridge – and ambience. We do occasionally go to other venues but 90% of the time, we use Cambridge Colleges because they are impressive places which are experienced in delivering what we want.

“At Murray Edwards, we were able to use the private garden next to the Fellows’ Dining Room which was good.


“After resolving an initial issue over a formal seating plan, which is not what we do, an alternative solution for dealing with dietary requirements was suggested. Dealing with Louise Segar was absolutely fine and the staff on the night were very helpful and professional.

“Although I haven’t sought direct feedback from our members on our dinner at Murray Edwards, my sense on the night was that people very much enjoyed it. It helped that we could be outdoors for pre-dinner drinks and therefore enjoy the garden. The dining space worked well, the food was good and the service was excellent.

“Although the College is more modern than our usual venues, I think it worked because of the contrast and I can see us returning, perhaps every other year.”


Date of event: 24th July 2019

Type of event: Corporate Drinks and Dinner

Group size: 25

Facilities used: Fellows’ Dining Room and Garden