Introducing reusable, branded, original KeepCups

We are delighted to present our new, environmentally sustainable, branded KeepCups.

The KeepCup mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups and we at Murray Edwards Events want to encourage that too.

The new 8oz cups are the perfect size for drinks from our hot beverage machines or at refreshment break services and we believe your delegates will love the choice of 6 bright and funky colours we’ve selected.

Giving a KeepCup is an ethical and funky way to make your event, meeting or conference even more memorable for your delegates. The cups are affordable at just £5.00 each and provide real value, with KeepCup estimating they will last a minimum of 3 years. They are lightweight, unbreakable and dishwasher safe.

If purchased in advance of your event, we can arrange for them to be made available at your first refreshment break, getting your day off to a colourful and fun start and providing a conversational ice-breaker for your guests. Alternatively, why not say “thank you for coming” by presenting them after your event in their original boxes or with an on-the-go beverage for their journey home.

Murray Edwards College KeepCups will also be available for individual purchase from our Porters’ Lodge and Dome Dining Hall.

If you have any questions about KeepCup or would like to make an event enquiry, we would be delighted to hear from you. Please give us a call on 01223 762200 or email us at