Blog: Ten Ideas To Refresh Your Meeting Breaks

How many meetings have you been to where the refreshment breaks provide the usual coffee, tea and pre-packaged biscuits? But why not consider more creative alternatives?

We are always hearing about making meetings more memorable, especially in a crowded marketplace with venues competing for valuable business. Offering inspiring, fun or seasonal choices for refreshment breaks can be a real differentiating factor – adding to the delegate experience.

In general people love food and as well as simply providing nourishment, it is increasingly seen as a vital factor in an event’s success, both in terms of making the event different and helping to meet sustainability targets. Breaks can be used as a welcome pause from the more formal parts of the meeting and creative choices can also be a talking point, helping to break the ice on arrival and in networking sessions.

So when the delegates take a break why not delight them with something different?

  1.  Homemade Iced Coffee – a new way to give delegates the caffeine fix with a choice of almond, soya or dairy milks.
  2. Silky smoothies made from fresh fruit.
  3. Unexpectedly delicious vegan options – such as ‘raw bites’, often made with nuts and dates that also increase energy.
  4. Waffles with maple syrup and blueberries.
  5. Seasonal snacks – for example, mince pies in winter, hot cross buns in spring, strawberries and cream in summer and min pumpkin pies in autumn.
  6. Home-flavoured savoury popcorn – such as our paprika and fennel flavour.
  7. Indulgent, delicate petit fours.
  8. Luxurious hot chocolate – a comforting drink, perfect for cold weather days.
  9. Iced doughnuts – not just for kids!
  10. Or, if your delegates love a biscuit, go for homemade cookies instead – fresh, no preservatives and no packaging waste.

So whatever your meeting, it’s worth thinking outside the refreshment box to provide a break with a different – and one that your delegates will remember.