Murray Edwards College Celebrates 30 Year Partnership With US Summer School

A Cambridge College has just marked a major milestone in its working relationship with a US Summer School by presenting the programme leaders with the gift of a specially-engraved glass plaque.

Murray Edwards College has been working with Summer Discovery At Cambridge for 30 years, hosting more than 3,000 students and staff during that time.

The program, which is designed to prepare students for the transition from high school to college lasts for 4 weeks each summer, comprises a range of different activities including academic lectures, sports, sightseeing – and an introduction to college life in England.

Summer Discover At Cambridge was started by Bob Musiker 30 years ago before being taken over by Jennifer and Lewis Biblowitz and then Ellie and Rouel Belleza who have been directing it for the last 20 years.

Chris Pope, General Manager Conferences, Catering and Residences at Murray Edwards College said: “This is a major milestone for both Murray Edwards and Summer Discovery and we were delighted to celebrate it together. Enjoying a working partnership for 30 years is a great achievement and not only have we hosted 3,000 delegates during that time, but we have learned a great deal about how we can deliver a summer experience to remember. I’d like to thank the Summer Discovery team and hope our special relationship continues for many years to come.”

Directors Ellie and Rouel Belleza added: “Murray Edwards is a welcoming and contemporary setting – in many ways perfect for introducing the social and developmental characteristics of ‘pre-university’ living. It means that we can interact, engage and participate in activities that in other settings may be more restrictive. This gives us the flexibility to allow our students to be both youthful in their actions while also recognising the need to be adult in their surroundings.

“Over the years the team at Murray Edwards has played a major part in helping us to run our program successfully and enabled us to give thousands of high school students the skills they will need for the next stage in their lives.”

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