Lift your delegates with our new, homemade Energy Boost Refreshment Break

We are delighted to announce our new Energy Boost Break for meetings, conferences, garden parties and other events.

The break includes Homemade Cold Brew Coffee, blended 3 ways; with Almond, Soya and Dairy Milks and is served alongside Homemade Raw Bites, Dried Fruit & Chipped Bananas. The break has been carefully designed by our Head Chef to be on-trend, different, delicious, healthy and energising.

What is “cold brew”?
Coffee grounds are steeped in water for up to 24 hours to produce a concentrated coffee essence, which is then diluted to taste and served chilled. Sweet and mellow, we are serving ours with three different milks so that most delegates who normally drink tea and coffee will be able to enjoy it.

Our Marketing & Events Officer, Freya Vaughan, said “We have invested in a special machine to make proper cold brew coffee and it is delicious. We found from organiser feedback that they were looking for ways to provide more memorable moments for delegates at their meetings and events. We also know it can be a challenge to keep delegates motivated and energised throughout a long day. Combined with research into current trends and extensive product development, we devised the Energy Boost Break.

Special care has been taken over the presentation, as well as the nutritional value, of the new break and we hope that organisers and delegates will love it as much as we do.”

Why is this an ‘energy boost’ break?

Homemade Cold Brew Coffee – a powerful shot of caffeine for an instant lift.

Homemade Raw Bites – contain dates which are full of natural sugars and cashews, which are a lower fat nut also containing copper. This works with a particular enzyme in our bodies, superoxide dismutase, important in energy production.

Dried fruit – High in natural sugars and gives a concentrated dose of low glycemic complex carbohydrates. Your body can start to extract energy from this type of carbohydrate within 15-30 minutes of consumption.

Banana chips – a source of iron; an essential mineral that activates enzymes that allows your cells to carry out the chemical reactions needed to produce energy.

The Energy Boost Break is available from April-September (inclusive).


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